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    Headquarted: New York, NY


Our Story

White Polar Bear (WPB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating Millennials and Gen X about blockchain technology and is poised to become one of the most prestigious training academies worldwide.

Our Purpose

To be the leader in democratizing cryptocurrency education by enabling wealth protection and prosperity globally. We deliver personalized and goal-based programs to suite each individual’s needs.

Our Presence

To be a leader in democratizing cryptocurrency education by motivating individuals towards a path of financial independence.


We are cryptocurrency education enablers with a multi-country presence through a collaborative approach.
Our team is constructed of professional and passionate educators, entrepreneurs, academicians and technocrats.

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What WWF Is Doing

WWF’s goal is to ensure that any type of industrial development is sustainable and won’t harm the wildlife population or ecosystems. They offer expertise on oil spill prevention and response methods. WWF works closely with conservationists, locals, and scientists to deal with oil and gas development prevention plans to reduce any future incidents.

They are even constructing sensitivity maps for the maritime vessels to stray away from any ecological fragile areas in the arctic ocean. WWF is working on a polar code with the International Maritime Organization to provide a safer and faster route for the future.

Since 1992 WWF has been working with a natural safety net of ice in the High Arctic of Canada and Greenland which covers over 320 million acres of ice. According to research scientists it has the capability to preserve ice longer than anywhere else in the ocean. WWF has been communicating with locals in order to establish an appropriate management plan for this area to protect the culture and economies of the species that are dependent on ice for survival.

We are Trusted by Many Clients

We enable education to help everyone protect their finances and the global environmental wealth as a whole